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Premium WordPress Theme
for Personal Blogs & Magazines

Say hello to the new Authentic.

Inspired by the best of Code Supply Co.

Dark Mode

A dramatic new look that`s ease on your eyes and helps you focus on the content.


Showcase your projects in multiple layouts thanks to the new portfolio plugin integration.

Blazingly Fast

Authentic 7 is 1.5x faster thanks to the optimized CSS, adaptive images and conditional loading.

Homepage Variations

Thanks to the mutiple post block layouts, sections and custom blocks the possibilities are endless. Combine elements from different demos and make your own unique homepage.

Typography & Colors

Enhance your blog or magazine design by adding Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit), Google Fonts, or user-uploaded custom fonts. Control your fonts right in the WordPress customize section with live preview and instantly see the changes.

Google Fonts
Adobe Fonts
Custom Fonts

Video Backgrounds

Enjoy astonishing video backgrounds in featured posts, post headers and even post archives, supporting playback and mute controls.


Create Your Shop

Easily create shop in your site with WooCommerce, the world’s best shopping plugin.

4 Post Header Styles

Your posts are different: some of them are just a simple note, while the others are long-reads. Select the appropriate post header style and engage more readers.

Gutenberg Optimized

Fully Compatible with the
New WordPress 5.0+ Block Editor

Your post content will look the same in the back-end, as in the front-end, including: theme fonts, Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, WordPress core blocks, spacings, custom uploaded fonts, colors.

3 Gallery Types

Display your photos in beautiful galleries. Embed galleries into the post content or display them in two fixed locations: before the post header or after the post title.

4 Powerful Plugins Included

We built four custom-tailored plugins for our themes. The plugins are hosted in the official repository, ensuring the highest quality of code..

Canvas The revolutionary block-based page builder.
Powerkit The Swiss Army knife for your WordPress site.
Advanced Popups Highly configurable popups and notifications.
Absolute Reviews Beautiful reviews of different types and appearance.

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything and
Code Supply Co. has been fortunate to introduce two of these into the world.

2016 In 2016, we introduced the Authentic theme. It changed the whole industry of the WordPress blog themes.
2018 In 2018, we introduced Powerkit. And it didn’t just change the way plugins are included with themes, it set the high standard of the plugins bundled with premium themes.

Today we're introducing a new revolutionary product of this class.

Canvas is a revolutionary block-based page builder used for building layouts in the Authentic theme. It's the page builder we've been looking forward to for three and a half years since we released the first WordPress theme.

Canvas is the result of 8 months of research and development, and an interplay of the WordPress block editor features and exceptional UI design.

UI Design

Canvas has an exceptional and well-thought user interface. All block options are located in the editor sidebar and conveniently grouped into sections, while controls use the default WordPress styles and colors. It's very simple and intuitive.

Zero Learning

If you've ever used the new WordPress block editor, you won't have to learn anything new. Canvas uses the same block principle as the WordPress editor.

With the new block editor, which has become the core feature of WordPress 5.0 we were able to create a new page builder, which feels as natural as the WordPress dashboard itself.

Clean Dashboard

The problem with existing page builders is that they're branded, use their own color palettes, icons, and controls that don't look anything like WordPress. Some of them are filled with banners promoting the Pro versions too.

With Canvas your WordPress dashboard will stay clean as it was when you first installed WordPress.

Everything is a Block

Canvas comes with 15 beautiful blocks to start building your website and can be easily extended from a theme.

Built-in Blocks


Display posts in numerous layouts, filter them by post type, category, tags or select specific posts.

40 Different Layouts
Add a fullwidth or a sidebar section. Place any content inside the main content area or the sidebar. Enable sticky sidebar with multiple sticky methods.
Easily arrange your content in multi-column layouts by creating responsive 12-column grids with drag-n-drop.
Featured Categories
Display categories in your pages in a stylish way, including category preview image, title and post counts. The block supports multiple layouts too.
Add a fullwidth section or a section with a sidebar. Sidebar can be sticky and supports a few sticky methods: the top edge, the bottom edge or the top edge of the last widget.
Section Heading
Divide your content into sections and add beautiful section headings. There're 17 styles of section headings from plain ones to fancy headings with skewed backgrounds.
Add alerts, notices and warnings to your post content. The block supports multiple styles: success, warning and danger.
Justified Gallery
Create greater stories with beautiful justified galleries. Creating a justified gallery feels as natural as the default WordPress ones.
Slider Gallery
Insert responsive and Retina-ready slider galleries in your post content with mobile touch and swipe support.
Progress Bars
Add customizable progress bars with different colors and stripe animations to display the state of things you're currently working on.
Add a list of site authors to your site. Display avatars, social links and bios of your site contributors.
Display an author box as a block anywhere on your page: in the sidebar or post content. Or, create a grid of site authors too.

Review Blocks

Add beautiful responsive and modern review boxes with valid JSON-LD schema to your posts with the “Advanced Reviews” plugin.

Powerkit Blocks
Opt-In Form
Add subscription forms inside your site layouts with the "Opt-In Form" block. Optionally add a short message and the first name field to your form.
Display your Instagram photo feed in your post or page content with the Instagram feed block. Enable the Instagram header, including number of followers.
Social Links
Add beautiful social links to your social accounts anywhere on the page. The block features a few layouts and color schemes and supports followers counters too.
Share Buttons
Add share buttons with multiple available layouts and color schemes anywhere on your site by using the "Share Buttons" block.
Embed a Twitter feed right in your site content with optional buttons allowing your users to subscribe.
Pinterest Board
Create a Pinterest board and display it on your website right in the post or page content.
Pinterest Profile
Avid pinners can easily display their Pinterest profile widget in their site layouts with the new "Pinterest Profile" block.
Facebook Fanpage
Easily add a Facebook fanpage widget as a block inside the post or page content and increase the number of Facebook followers.

Powerkit 2.0

Powerkit is a Swiss Army knife plugin for your WordPress site.

It's packed with various useful utilities from social integrations to content formatting features. Thanks to the modular structure, all features can be easily enabled or disabled, if you don't need them, without any impact on the performance of your website.

Social Integrations

Grow your audience on social networks and make your visitors share your content with the amazing social integrations.

Share Buttons with Counts

Ultra fast sharing buttons with caching and dynamic share count fetching. Five color palettes, multiple locations.


Easily add a Facebook fanpage widget and Facebook comments.


Display Twitter timeline in your sidebar with a widget or post content via a block.

Social Links with Counts

Display a list of your social accounts with number of followers to help your visitors subscribe easily. Grow your audience and gain returning visitors.


Enable Pin It buttons on all images in your posts and post galleries. Add Pinterest optimized images, that appear as covers on Pinterest, when sharing a post.


Display Instagram photo feed in your sidebar, post content or site footer, including number of Likes and Comments with beautiful hover effects.

Mobile Share Bar New

Turn your website into a viral sharing machine by enabling a share bar on mobiles. Choose between the four available layouts: horizontal, left or right side, and a popup. There're numerous color schemes available too.

Choose between the 17 available social networks, and display the total number of shares.

Motivate your users to share your content on social media and make your content go viral.

Highlight & Share New

Let your visitors highlight text in your blog posts or pages and share the extract on social media.

When you select a text, a beautiful tooltip with share buttons will appear.

Blockquote Share New

Display share buttons under blockquotes and let your visitors share them on social media.

There can't be too many sharing options. The more people share the more visitors your site gains.

New Social Links & Share Buttons

We have added all social networks to the Social Links and Share Buttons which we could only find.

Drive traffic to your social accounts and grow your audience by adding links to them on your website with beautiful icons and number of followers. There're 56 social accounts available to choose from.

56 Social Networks Included

There're 17 social networks available for the share buttons, including mobile-only Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

17 Share Networks Included

Post Views with Google Analytics Sync

Display the number of post views in post meta along with category, post author and date.

The plugin will synchronize with Google Analytics, so you won't lose a single post view even if you haven't used our themes before.

Reading Time Module

Add estimated reading time to your post meta and let your users know, who long it would take them to read your blog post. The module calculates reading time based on the average reading speed of an adult. You may configure the reading speed manually too.

The plugin will synchronize with Google Analytics, so you won't lose a single post view even if you haven't used our themes before.

Coming Soon Page

Not ready to open you website yet? No worries, with the built-in module, you may display a beautiful "Coming Soon" page, while working on your website. Add a subscription form and social links to get new followers even when you're still busy preparing your site for the launch.

Insert Headers & Footers

Insert any code snippet in your site head or footer, for example Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, any custom tracking code or script. We've integrated a new utility module so that you won't have to install an extra plugin.

Advanced Popups

Display high-converting newsletter popups, a cookie notice, or a notification with the light-weight yet feature-rich plugin.

Numerous Settings

There’re a few possible layouts for the popups available. Side (right or left image) and background layouts support any page content.

Different Layouts

There’re a few possible layouts for the popups available. Side (right or left image) and background layouts support any page content.

So, feel free to insert any block, including paragraphs and headings, a subscription form, share buttons, or social links or even a custom HTML snippet.

Right Image
Background Image
Notification Bar
Left Image
Notification Box


Fire a popup on the perfect event and make your subscribers list grow.

Time Delay
Display a popup a specific number of seconds after the page load.
Page Viewed
Display a popup right after the page load.
Page Read
Display a popup when a user scrolled to the end of the page.
Exit Intent
Display a popup when a user intends to exit your website by closing the browser tab.
Scroll Position
Display a popup on a specific scroll position in pixels.
Consent Given
Close a popup after the user accepts terms and conditions.
Manual Trigger
Display a popup when a user clicks on an element with a given class or identifier.

Absolute Reviews

Add beautiful responsive and modern review boxes with valid JSON-LD schema to your posts with the “Advanced Reviews” plugin.

Review Types

There’re three possible review types available in the plugin.


Post Content with Review

Add inline reviews to your posts with the integrated “Review” block. The block supports all review types too.

Google Snippet

The Absolute Review plugin fully support the JSON-LD structured data markup, allowing your posts to have a rich snippet in Google search results.


Licenses Sold

More than 5000 licenses have been sold since the release date of Authentic, making it one of the best-selling theme on ThemeForest.

Other Theme Features

Authentic is packed with awesome features.

One Click Demo Import
Easily import demo content and activate demos
You may not only import the demo content, like posts or pages, but activate and switch between demos without importing dummy data too. Useful for websites with existing content.
* Images are not included in the demo content and will be replaced with placeholders.
Multilingual & RTL Support
Translate your theme into your language
All strings in the Authentic theme are translatable. You may also create a multilingual website by using Polylang or WPML.
Create your own shop
Create a shop with built-in WooCommerce integration the world's best shopping plugin. There're several custom options and styles to make your shop look great.
SEO Optimized
Rank higher in search engines
The latest SEO practices, integrated in our theme, like the Google Structured Data, will make your website rank higher.
Built-In Galleries
Display your photos in eye-catching galleries
Authentic comes with three custom galleries and support for two more Jetpack galleries.
Social Integrations
All social networks covered
There're highly customisable share buttons and links to social accounts with counts, numerous widgets and shortcodes for nearly all social networks. Grow your audience with Authentic.
Easy Customization
Live preview changes before saving
Preview your changes instantly, share your customizations with your team and schedule publishing of changes with the native WordPress Customizer support.
More than 400 theme settings.
Speed of Light
Advanced performance optimization
Optimize your website up to 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights both for desktop and mobile.
Monetize your Passion
Built-in monetization feature
Place any content, including simple image banners or AdSense code in numerous spots without any coding skills.
Regular Updates
New features added regulary
When selecting a theme for your website, make sure that your theme will stay up-to-date and won't be abandoned. We've released more than 20 minor and 4 major theme updates.
Super Crisp
Vector Retina-ready elements
All elements are scalable vectors. Your website will look gorgeous on every HiDPI device.
Top-Notch Support
Never feel lost again
We generally don't provide discounts on our products to keep our user base small, so that we could provide the best support ever.
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