Post Slider Blocks

Transparent Header Overlay

Add the “Large Slider” block as the first block in the page and it will be automatically placed under the transparent site header. The slider above this description is an example.

Parallax Effect

All post sliders support the parallax effect. Of course, it can be disabled with a single click.

Video Backgrounds

Display beautiful video backgrounds inside all post slider types.

Post Meta

Easily toggle post meta for each block. Select between category, date, author, post views, shares, comments and reading time.

View Post Button

Toggle the “View Post” button for each block. Easily change text of the “View Post” button too.

Query Filters & Order

Set query filters to display posts by category, tag, specific posts, and post formats. Order posts by date or views, or even set a timeframe for posts.

Avoid Duplicate Posts

Avoid duplicate posts in multiple post blocks by enabling the feature with a single click.

Height & Padding

Change height for the “Boxed”, “Center”, “Wide” and “Multiple” sliders and adjust gap between slides for the “Multiple” and “Center” sliders.

Heading Size

Set a custom heading size for each post block in the block settings.

Automatic Image Sizes

The theme will detect the required image size automatically depending on the slider type and page layout.


Select the preferred method of the slider: by either enabling or disabling the “Autoplay” feature and setting the timeout between transitions.

Number of Slides

Easily change number of slides in each slider type.